Food Travel Consulting - your gastronomic tourism consultant

Food Travel Consulting - ваш консультант по гастрономическому туризму

your gastronomic tourism consultant

Food Travel Consulting - ваш консультант по гастрономическому туризму

your gastronomic tourism consultant

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О нас

About us

Let’s get acquainted? Although many of us have known each other for a long time:

The flagship of our consulting firm, the best specialist in Russia and a world-class expert in the gastronomic tourism industry – PARAMONOV ANDREY NIKOLAEVICH

  • The founder of Russian gastronomic tourism.
  • Founder, inspirer and Honorary President of the Association of Gastronomic Tourism of Russia.
  • The creator of the Academy of Gastronomic Tourism and an extended cycle of educational programs for this Academy.
  • Author of more than 70 scientific publications and articles in Russia, the Republic of Belarus and abroad.
  • Speaker of many conferences and seminars on gastronomic tourism from Sakhalin to the Crimea and from Moscow to the North Caucasus.

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To a ship that does not know its way, no wind will be fair. Any more or less serious firm has a strategy for developing its own company. Russia has strategies for the development of the country in different directions. The economy has development strategies by industry. Gastronomic tourism is also a separate, at the same time very powerful and promising, branch of the economy. But it is precisely this branch, the branch of gastronomic tourism, that we treat as something secondary and not very important, according to some residual principle. There has been a lot of talk about gastronomic tourism for a long time, but nothing more. Someone holds a gastronomic festival once or twice a year, someone holds a thematic forum or exhibition. But a couple of isolated events does not make any sense for the development of the territory. Even if you combine all your events together, you will not attract a tourist. It doesn’t work that way. You need a distinct, clear, carefully thought-out, own strategy for the development of gastronomic tourism. We have seen such a strategy in only one region, undoubtedly ordered from a foreign consulting company. The work was solid, high-quality, obviously expensive and completely unviable, because it was completely divorced from Russian realities and reality. Why did that region order the development of a strategy from foreigners? Because we do not have specialists capable of coping with such a task. Or rather, it wasn’t until we entered the market. We are the only narrow-profile consulting firm in Russia. We have gathered the best professionals of the country. Therefore, only we can develop and create for you a working, effective strategy for the development of gastronomic tourism of high quality and for reasonable money.


According to the results of our thorough research, it is possible to unambiguously divide the regions of the country into three categories in relation to gastronomic tourism:

1. “Everything is fine in our region with gastronomic tourism! We hold gastronomic festivals of kebabs on pitchforks, pancakes on a shovel, gastronomic dinners of Uzbek cuisine! We have our own unique regional brands of powdered sponge cake and technical honey, soy semi-finished products and the like.” This primarily applies to Moscow and the radius of 200 around it.

2. “What kind of tourism??? Which one??? Repeat. Astronomical? And which one? Gastronomic???” As a rule, these are remote and depressed regions of Russia.

3. “Right now we have decided to develop gastronomic tourism in our region. We have already created a department under the Ministry of Tourism specifically, and we want to host the forum. That’s just what to do with it – we don’t understand and from which side to approach – we don’t know.” This is mainly central Russia.

In principle, this is understandable and, to some extent, normal. Normal, as far as it can be normal at all. Specialists in gastronomic tourism are not trained anywhere in our country. In universities, gastronomic tourism is studied, but superficially and in general terms. The question of where the teachers themselves studied gastronomic tourism is also quite curious.

Our knowledge and competence in gastronomic tourism are indisputable and recognized by the world professional community. We will train and prepare for you in a short time (from 1 month) competent specialists in gastronomic tourism of a high professional level. You just need to understand one simple truth for yourself: having your own competent specialists, you will become leaders tomorrow. Otherwise, the day after tomorrow you will become outsiders.


All over the world, every self–respecting territory counting on its own uniqueness, recognition and tourist attractiveness has its own gastronomic brand. A territory without its own gastronomic brand is like a state without its own coat of arms and flag. Creating a gastronomic brand is not as easy as it seems to many. It seems to be easier – choose any product for yourself, even the same steering wheels – and the matter is over. But everyone has a steering wheel. Where and what is your uniqueness here? Not everyone is lucky to be the birthplace of the Pozharsky cutlet or to inherit from the USSR the hyped name “Tula gingerbread”. Can you right now, offhand, without hesitation, name more than five gastronomic brands of Russia that are directly associated with any of our region? That’s it! Fortunately, we have a long-established technology for creating gastronomic brands. This is absolutely not a problem for our company. The decision is yours alone. Either you stand out sharply against the general, gray background of your competitors, or you continue to merge with the faceless mass of all the other losers.


Who just isn’t trying to create a local guide to delicious places in their region! So how’s it going? Have the crowds of tourists already flooded in? Well, you know… And all because these maps and guidebooks, first of all, are compiled by amateurs. No matter how much you say the word “halva” – it won’t make your mouth sweeter. Everyone’s mistakes, without exception, are simple and primitive. Someone is trying to cram all the power points indiscriminately. Someone, on the contrary, is trying to put elite restaurants with high cuisine on their map. And if in the first case it is a lot of small things that are simply not interesting to anyone, then in the second case it can only be interesting to no more than 2% of tourists. Everything has been known and calculated for a long time, and local compilers don’t even know about it and are trying to invent a bicycle. If everything were so simple, then every village would have its own guidebooks. Even the well-known federal project, which had been making noise for several years and was referred to in the professional community as “Funny Pictures magazine”, had a zilch at the output. And this is with all the costs of its implementation! Have you ever thought that your own gastronomic map / guidebook can be not only an image-making financially unprofitable business, but also vice versa: a profitable business that does not burden the local budget and an effective working tool to attract tourists, forcing them to return more than once? To create such a tool, it is not good to throw caps. This is a complex, slow process that requires the participation of a thinking, knowledgeable and able specialist. And we will do such work for you without any problems. Although, if you don’t feel sorry for your money, and you don’t really need the result – contact sofa experts of gastrotourism and information gypsies. Their number is growing every year, like mushrooms after rain.


This is aerobatics in general. But not for us. Of course, you can assign yourself absolutely any title. At least call yourself the Center of the world, even the Navel of the earth, even the Homeland of elephants. But being and just being called are two big differences. Plus, a deceived tourist is a lost tourist forever. Add here more negative reviews of disappointed wanderers, word of mouth with a minus sign, reputational and image damage to the territory. Your own culinary capital in your region is the pearl of your region. With your own culinary capital, you will not just be the first among equals, but also the first among the first! If you are not a single region, but a food/beverage production company, a resort center, a recreation center, etc. – even more so! Your object as the culinary capital of a region, region or district… Do you yourself not take your breath away from the opening image and financial prospects, reading this offer? Contact us for help, advice, advice – and we will make your beautiful, most ambitious dream a reality!


There are no unsolvable issues for us. There are no unknown topics for us. We will responsibly advise you and answer any question that comes to your mind about gastronomic tourism! We would be honored to help you in your growth and development.

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Our friends and partners

Gastronomic tourism is inextricably linked with the restaurant business. Therefore, we are pleased to present our friends and partners who have kindly agreed to support us. We haven’t just known each other for a long time. These are, first of all, the best professionals in the country, each in their own direction, whom we treat with great respect for their professionalism and impeccable business reputation.

Andrey Paramonov

Management consulting in the restaurant business. Professional experience in the restaurant business for more than 20 years in the positions of manager/owner.

Denis Perevoz

Chef, process engineer. Development of the author’s menu. Audit. Educational cooking workshops. Experience 20+.

Maxim Syrnikov

A famous chef, researcher and propagandist of Russian cuisine. Author of several books on Russian cuisine. Experience 20+.

Oleg Nazarov

Russia’s leading restaurant critic. The best specialist in the country for the promotion of the restaurant business. Author of 10 books on the restaurant business. Experience 20+.

Academy of Gastronomic Tourism

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